The Twittering Machine (Die Zwitscher-Maschine)


The Twittering Machine (Die Zwitscher-Maschine)

Seduced by the siren song of politics
they spend the greater part of their lives sitting in dull
morbid lethargy, scrolling, tapping, staring,
growing outraged
because that’s what they’ve been programmed to do.

It’s the great con of the age. Millions of people hypnotized
into a softly festering voyeuristic state, all of them
shouting into the void,
listening for the echo, aching to be affirmed by that frail tinny
reverberation, while in some room far away,
a group of well-paid computer
programmers – nerds – quietly are laughing.

Painting – Paul Klee, The Twittering Machine (1922)

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