My dreams are usually gone as soon as I wake up, but from last night’s selection, I was able to salvage this line.

To die in the city
Never ending
As a river of garbage.

It was supposedly from a David Bowie song, but after doing a Google search, I found out no such David Bowie line exists. I don’t remember anything else about the dream, but the line seems almost poetic. Almost. I don’t think I’ve ever dreamt a great line of poetry. But I did once dream a great poem. Unfortunately, it’s contents were gone when I woke up in the morning, but I did remember the ornate, stream-of-consciousness style it was written in, which turned out to be a big influence on some of my future works. Like this poem I wrote in 2009, first published in A cappella Zoo, and also in their Best Of anthology. It can also be found in my prize-winning (don’t ask what prize or by whom) poetry collection Hallucinogenic Dragonfly Intermezzo, available here.


In rosedusk, when the sky is littered with crows; when all the world’s mad and mulish brutalities abound and you’ve scrapheaped hope and your soul’s hiding somewhere in the cracks of your sofa; if your mirror makes rank complaints about the face in it, and you feel like every crumpled lottery ticket in the world, hang your name on a cliché. It’s not a question of whichwhat or rightwrong, whywhere or whether the rightbrain seizes what the lefthand knows. The elephant will never shuffle out of the room for you, and wounded is the color of its languor. For this unspooling, precisely not improbable lie, which is life, it’s a question of posies and perpetual changelings. Blueruin and a borrowed dialect, the drowsy rings of Lethe. It’s not a question of whether or why the ghosts grieve in trees of the evening. The cruel ornaments of spring; bells, halls, mills, hells, lovers frisking up the peachblue cobblestones of Montmartre. Occidental neopreacher’s goatfooted rooftopspeeches warmed with the bluidtinged fruitwine of hate. Nightornoonday, spirits in graveyards coalesce, polliwogs girdlehurtle. Is that a merely man or mostly a noun? It’s not a question answerable by the mouth of any cyberterranean quasidemocracy, or that which sells off its own superficial “ideals” as if they were a bundle of flameretardant socks. Simply certainly yes certainly quite yes commonly understood, the wherefores and the ways the world suffers under the weight of the same old unrealities. Down at the heel and up against the wall, over the hill and under the gun. The lusty living things, lovethighs and paltryprinces, meager matter whirling chaotic. It’s not the answer, but the question eternal: when your nightdreams lose their dances, will the djinns still sing for you?

8 thoughts on “Beelzebubstomp

    • Glad you enjoyed, Monsieur. The only thing I’ve seen of Wim Wenders is Wings of Desire. I loved it, and have planned for a long time to check out more of his stuff, but haven’t gotten around to it. Until the End of the World sounds intriguing.


      • Don’t delay. It’s a masterpiece, an Opera in the truest sense. The music alone would be worth the effort, but the story & story-telling mesmerize and delight. It’s endless.

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