Novel: Fortuna Berlin

The other day, a young woman from the States who’d just read my novel Fortuna Berlin sent me an email that I think every writer would be happy to get. I’m cutting some parts out because they might give away the plot, but here is most of what she said:

To Mr. Powers

I just finished reading your book Fortuna Berlin, and I am in love with the whole story. I felt compelled from the first few chapters to complete the book, and I read it all in a frenzy–finishing it in less than two days. I thoroughly enjoyed it for many reasons. The main one was it’s believability.

I very much enjoyed how you grounded the work in reality–describing the sights, sounds, and ambiance of Berlin and all of it’s unique character. I also enjoyed John as a character. He reminded me of myself in that I often ponder why things work out the way they do and also how he looked for signs and symbols in his everyday life.

I cried when (…), and felt terribly outraged(…).

I think you did a wonderful job of exposing how a life can unfold, how it can change in an instant and how there is a horrible beauty in it.

I am currently studying English literature and I fear being stuck in a drab 9-5 work routine when I graduate. Like John, I detest the hoards of people who stay in the same place all their lives, who lose their personalities in their jobs, and who live uninteresting lives. I could relate with John also because he left, he sought adventure and whatever might come with it. I am wondering how you did it–How did you develop such memorable characters? How did you develop such a memorable story?

Thank you so much for writing and publishing this work. It is something that I very much enjoy and will probably read many times over. I also really appreciate the historical, literary, and philosophical references you make in the book. I look forward to reading works by those authors as well. Thanks again and I hope this letter finds you well.

She also wrote a review on Amazon that does a beautiful job of summing up the book. I am so happy it found such a great reader, and was not at all surprised to find out in a later email that she’s an artist, though too humble to admit it. I knew if my book appealed to anyone it would be to the artist, the poet, the deep-feeling soul.

Check out the link above, read all the reviews and buy a copy if your curiosity is piqued. The Kindle version is only $1.99.