Random Maxims & Reflections

* The word madness is far too abused in some poetry circles. As if Madness was ever anything without his eloquent mistress Genius.
* No one has more bloated, self-assurance than a lousy poet.
* All the world is a poem, off by just one syllable.
* Sin boldly, but with a heart free of malice.
* Exercise, spirits and conversation are blood for the imagination.
* Use for profit the people and themes and things that keep falling in your orbit. It’s no mistake they keep coming back.
* Why do you insist on making a prison out of your mind? Are you afraid of the freedom you might find?
* All great poets of modern times are indebted to Shakespeare, whether they know it or not. His high spirit is everpresent everywhere. He is the running spring and Spring Eternal.
* There’s a devil in every truth.
* History closes its hands.

* The toughest thing is opening.
* The faults you find but look past in first love will amplify exponentially with time. Only depth of compassion can render their effects nil.
* Nothing lives longer than wit and invention.
* To be better than your fears, be wholly who you are.
* I strive to be never not new again.