Treptower Park

“Berlin is a city condemned always to become, never to be.” ~ Karl Scheffler

And I think Mark Twain had something similar in mind when he said:

“Berlin is the newest city I have come across. Even Chicago would appear old and gray in comparison.”

The city has reborn itself and/or changed personalities about 25 times since I’ve been here. That’s an average of about once every 2 weeks. There is always some new gem here to discover, and rediscover. Lately the gems have come in the way of parks, lakes and rivers. Wannsee. The Großer Müggelsee. Today I had what was probably the most enchanting bike ride of my life. I went through Treptower Park & the biergartens, along the River Spree and through the forestry.

I have a feeling I’m gonna be going back several times this summer.