Some Random Thoughts…

*People are much more interested in the artist than the art itself.
Hence the need for persona-cultivation
& the reason why people like Hunter S. Thompson crop up…
He never had much in the way of the word, but he was willing to play the monkey for the crowd.
of course, he forgot who he was and turned
into one.

*Art should lead a person up into the light, not drive his face down into a dungpile and keep it there.

*Praise and admiration
are like tanning lamps.
The light is false and will burn you eventually.

*Happiest is he who needs the least.

*The most fascinating nightmare
on the face
of the earth is the human face.

*You’ll never placate Time.

*The waking world is primarily a lie.

*Crazy people see everything. Even what’s not there.

*Not much scarier than a Christian with ammo.

*I didn’t choose to be a writer; being a writer chose me.
I didn’t choose to move to Germany; moving to Germany chose me, etc., ad infinitum, and on and on…


2 thoughts on “Some Random Thoughts…

  1. It’s ironic you wrote this on art/artists and people’s perception of the two..I see so many bowing to the writer/artists merely be/c of their persona vs the quality of their craft..
    I’m writing something similar on the subject of love..

  2. yeah, most people are either bored by the art, or they can’t wrap their minds around it, so they gravitate to the artist’s personal life. a really wild and interesting personal life tends to obscure the fact that the person’s art actually sucks. i never liked hunter s. thompson, but there’s also a lot of beats that fit in this category also.

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