i’ve been noticing two types of german women recently.
the first is in her early to mid-twenties, has silky hair and
babysmooth skin, elegant features & dresses
as though she just strode out of the pages of cosmo

life hasn’t bumped or scraped or even touched her yet
but her expression seems always touched with
snobbery & scorn. the second type
is somewhere between 33 and 54, stands about five-foot-null
face like sammy the bull gravano
bumprercrop of dyed mauvecolored hair
tits out to here
she could tear
the skin off a deer
with her bare
hands plant spectacular gardenias dance the drunken
trepek with one foot
tied behind her neck & the other pushing a bouncing
down a defunct shopping mall

this is the kind of woman
i wanna know
the kind
that’s actually developed
a soul


3 thoughts on “versus

  1. The two sided female coin… the stark reality here..
    BTw- I don’t have a sammy the Bull face, can’t skin no deer and weigh a buck and a quarter BUT I got soul..
    (coming to you from my blog of stuff)

    • Yes ma’am, Lynne. Where prettiness and soul are concerned, you’ve got it. But hell, you can’t even skin a damn deer? C’mon!

      (just kidding)

      I like deer. I’d rather skin a person.

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