faust vs. crime & punishment vs. the poetic edda vs. et al

happy b-day james joyce. things have been getting a little crazy here in berlin, hence no updates. plus i’ve been working really hard on the novel i’m writing. it’s kind of a crime & punishment meets faust kind of deal. the basic plot summary is this: the main character is an american who moves to berlin and either a) is losing his mind and seeing and hearing things, or b.) really is visited by a mephisto-like character who urges him to do things he normally wouldn’t have the courage to do. one of those things is murdering someone else & after the murder, there’s the “punishment.” the mephisto-like character disappears from his life and/or imagination & he’s forced to deal with the consequences without his aid. dealing = seeking salvation via the road of excess and negation. i will be done in about 2 years, if all goes well, and in the meantime, i don’t think i’m gonna be writing too much poetry or trying to get published too much. we shall see. 2 years is really not that long for a novel. it took james joyce 7 to write ulysses, and 17 to write finnegan’s wake. my book is also gonna be (partly) based on ancient myths and legends. it’s also gonna be based on me and my life in berlin. too much strangeness going on here not to use it.